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The 300 Challenge (Abs & Core)

15 minutes a day for 30 days!!!!

check out the link ^ for the full workout/ description/ pictures!
but it goes as follows:

25 Ins-n-Outs
25 Bicycles
25 Reverse Bicycles
25 Hip-Butt-Ups
25 Crunchy Frogs (Sounds funny but they rock!)
25 Cross-Leg/ Wide-Leg Sit Ups
25 Heals to Heaven (Killer)
25 Roll Up-V Up's
25 Leg Climbers
50 Kayakers (Personal Favourite)
Grand Total off 300

Go Slow and Feel the Burn!

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Victor C The 300 Challenge (Abs & Core) Tribe

Well id say have you done the core work out challenge?.... all those work outs target the entire abdominal region from the hard to reach lower abs and obliques to top abs. Ive done it and it is a killer work out. Ir...

Sheila G The 300 Challenge (Abs & Core) Tribe

It's all about food. Keep a strong core and do the muscle defining exercises but you will see the results better if you cut out processed foods, sugar, salt and fluffy foods.

Robyn S The 300 Challenge (Abs & Core) Tribe

Since you can't spot reduce, I recommend keeping it mixed up.  But side planks help, russian twists, lunges with twists, any cardio and strength training will help tone it up as well.

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