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The Big Lists Of Workouts

I have notebooks beyond notebooks of workouts and challenges and I thought of the idea to make a tribe where I can post them all! Because when you go to the workout page here once you put it in it registers that you just done it! Well this is for everyone to use present and future. I hope you all enjoy them and please post any that you have also! :-)

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Chris C The Big Lists Of Workouts Tribe

Just ordered the Tribe base layer and tights...we will see how I like...they were very similiar with 20% off compared to Asics and other brands, but since this site is doing so much to help like minded people, I gabe them a shot....cheers.

Monica S The Big Lists Of Workouts Tribe

Thats the fun part, finding the new gear. I recently bought a brooks running hoodie for cooler days and it will make an excellent base layer. It is the brightest yellow and reflective snug fit without riding up and the softest material. I have...

Chris C The Big Lists Of Workouts Tribe

This is my most enjoyable time of year to train.  The worse the conditions the more of a challenge it was.  It was not uncommon to see me running in -20f degree weather or 35 F and raining.  The most important thing was to wear base layers correct...

Amanda C The Big Lists Of Workouts Tribe

Although the picture is of a "Halloween Version" this workout can be done anytime! :D

Instructions: Select 3 exercises from the lower and the upper, 2 from core and 7 from cardio. Mix and match so that 1 cardio move follows each strength-trai...

Kristy O The Big Lists Of Workouts Tribe

Sure. ☺️ I'm going to do it tomorrow, and I'll send it to you if I like it. How about, if you like it, you can post it if you want? :-)) I just want to share with everyone, and if I do timed sets instead of reps, I don't know how to add it. I'm de...

Kristy O The Big Lists Of Workouts Tribe

I am going to try and make an actual workout, but I am still trying to figure out how because for certain exercises it will only let me log reps not time. in the meantime, would it be OK if I posted it to this group as a guide?? :D

Kristy O The Big Lists Of Workouts Tribe

This is just wonderful, Amanda. :)  I am putting together a "Tabata-style" workout right now for my friend and I (trying to get her to come to TS too!).  I did one this morning, off the top of my head, and burpees and squats were two of the four m...

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