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The Chilli Source

Chillis are great, aren't they? Capsaiacin (the stuff that makes them hot) may aid fat burn and there fore weightloss - plus they taste so darn good!

Whether you grow them, cook them or eat them this is the place for you.

Got a recipe for a super chilli sauce? Share it here. Know about a chilli festival? Let everyone know. Tried an ace product? Bragging rights are actively encouraged! ;-) Need hints or tips on how to grow the plants - ask away.

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Kara A The Chilli Source Tribe

Communicatorsilver Kara A replied to the topic Recommendations

Our liquor stores in the U.S. stock Grenadine syrup for mixing in various drinks and some of the grocery stores that are larger do too.  In the grocery store they seem to put it near stuff you would put on top of ice cream or near the bottled...

Casey K The Chilli Source Tribe

Communicatorsilver Casey K replied to the topic Recommendations

Oh man, ok: tomato juice, chili beans, mt dew, can of beer, tomato paste, corn, chili powder, hamburger beef, habenero peppers, green peppers, jalapeno peppers, red peppers, and a little paprika. Dynamite. Perfect mix between spicy and sweet!

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