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the excel tribe

This tribe is for all those who use or would like to use excel as a way to manage training, set goals...Share and give advice on how to best use this great tool to maximise performance...

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Dave W the excel tribe Tribe

The prices are fairly similar Ruth, the Home and Student edition is the cheapest variant and available from Amazon, Ebuyer, ebay etc - still around £90ish.

You could try "open office" for free - aLinux based alternative, which can be installed on...

Dave W the excel tribe Tribe

I hope I can help people here - I am a Microsoft Certified Trainer and although 'apps' is not my main forte, I do write and deliver MS Office training courses, including Exce / FS ICTl ;-)

I put everything into Excel. All my workouts and, more re...

Russ B the excel tribe Tribe

Hi guys, I use a fairly simple log book in Excel, but use this package every day at work for the past decade and a half. There's so much it can do, it's my all time fave software application. Joining so I can listen out for problems, see if we can...

Loretta A the excel tribe Tribe

Yep, I'm working with an excel spreadhseet as well, although not too sophisticated and would love to hear from others how they are structuring theirs (and maybe steal an idea or two).  @kaisukas I am intrigued by yours, maybe I can learn a thing o...

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Tribe creator

Sabri N

created the tribe

20th September 2013


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