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The Form Police

Does it bug you when you see someone overload a barbell on a bench press, lowering it two inches before raising their arse in the air and squeezing it back up? How about when someone does multiple "press-ups" that would have a drill sergeant roll over in his grave? See someone deadlifting with a back so crooked it gives you nightmares?

Join this Tribe and become a member of The Form Police, enlighten those around you, and keep yourself in check.

(Remember, this group is supposed to be lighthearted, we don't mean to offend anyone)

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Dustin P The Form Police Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Dustin P answered the question Why?... Just why?

If you want to go knees over toes you can a 4 second negative rep on a squat no matter how you stand will be a squat. I find it hard to put all the weight on my heels and FYI the theory of putting your knees over toe...

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19th March 2012



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