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The Google Hangouts Tribe!

Under Construction. Part of this is noticing that many of us are from different parts of the world so we have to pay attention to times a bit maybe. But workable I'm sure for your particular time schedule. So what I'm thinking kind of is, there are a lot of people doing the same challenges and sometimes we need that extra little push. Either you can schedule to do a challenge with some others here, that you are doing and notice others from this tribe are doing also and meet at Google Hangouts to all workout together via internet. (e.g. a push up challenge, squat, weightlifting, or any challenge). I'm sure at first it will be maybe only two or three people meeting to workout together and help push each other but in time maybe there will be bigger groups who can work out together and help one another while meeting together at Google Hangouts to do 20 push ups together. The idea is one to help others who maybe need an extra bit of personal motivation who can't seem to get past 5 push ups as an example and have been struggling to get to 10. Also it's an opportunity for all of us from around the world to meet one another combining TS with webcam via Google Hangouts. Kind of like a virtual online, at home gym. It will take a bit of working at first maybe but could be really fun. I'll get back to this soon. 1 obvious thing is that you must have a Google account so if you don't set one up or maybe set on up specifically for this use. I just set one up recently for so that I can do something similar with this school which is located in Northern California. Once I have figured out Google Hangouts a bit more and have used it a few times I'll share how to get this going. If anyone is familiar with how to meet up feel free to share your advice and knowledge with us :)

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Albert M The Google Hangouts Tribe! Tribe

Contributorgold Albert M I will be doing a lot of online training for my online business on Monday, May 6th. I will set up a Google Hangout on that day, if anyone wants to have some extra motivation let me know and I will take a break and jump onto the hangout with you and help with some extra live encouragement. I would like to work on a challenge I am doing here even if just to gain a few seconds on my time for the 5 Minute Chin Up Hold. I have a long way to go but an extra voice to help push me would be great!! I will post the Hangout on Monday for anyone who wants to join. Let's do this and utilize this tribe :)

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Albert M The Google Hangouts Tribe! Tribe

Contributorgold Albert M Do the ones of us currently in this tribe already have a Google account? If not you'll need to create one at Or maybe you would like to make one specifically for the use of TS. I currently made a new Google account specifically for using Google Hangouts in conjunction with Take Shou Shu Kung Fu Lessons Online Free so that via internet I can participate in live classes. Haven't got to that stage of the lessons yet but once I do and have used Google Hangouts in this manner I will have a better knowledge of how it works and can share if anyone needs help.

encouraged this.

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