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The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe

Lactose intolerance, also called lactase deficiency and hypolactasia, is the inability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and to a lesser extent milk-derived dairy products. It is not a disorder as such, but a genetically-determined characteristic. (Thank you wikipedia)

Over 60% of the world's population can't digest milk (and thus milk products) properly.

Lactase persistence in humans has evolved as an adaptation to the consumption of non-human milk and dairy products consumed beyond infancy. Our diet has changed a lot, and as a result some of our genes have adapted, but it’s not an easy process. This is why most humans are lactose intolerant. - See more at: ( )

This tribe is to share your experiences with different lactose free products, medication that helps and anything lactose intolerant related.

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Ris S The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Ris S Been a confirmed lactose intolerant for 9/10 years now. So much easier now as Alpro make a soya substitute for pretty much everything. LOVE their custard!!!! And I swear soya milk tastes better, or maybe I've just been drinking it that long that I don't notice anymore!!!

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Paul H The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Paul H I've been lactose intolerant (or known I was) for around 13/14 years now. Read an article in Mens Health which helped me find out really. It said something along the lines of "do you get excess mucus in your nose, Sinus problems, do you get bad gas?" and I thought yep, thats me..! I tried Soya milk for just a week with great success, but forgot when I ordered a milkshake. Was in pain for 3 days with stomach cramps
You can get Lactase tablets from health food shops and they do work if you suffer when you go out for meal, or anything like that. I can now get away with small amounts of hard cheeses and skimmed milk in Tea, but melted cheese is my Nemesis (Toasties, Pizzas, etc)

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Sue B The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Sue B Hi My friend. Thanks for the invite to this tribe, but me and Lactose just love each other. I drink lots of milk(full cream), crazy about yoghurt and eat cheese about 10 times a day with my cat. Good luck with your tribe though. Lots of people are lactose intolerant.

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Dennis L The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Dennis L Many years ago I read a research paper (I cannot remember how long ago or the source so this is only the recollection of an aging mind) that said that mammals are born with the ability to digest milk so the mother could nourish the new born till it was able to consume its natural foods. As the young one entered maturity its stomach lost the ability to break down milk as a food. Humans are the only mammal that continues to consume milk as an adult. Maybe the we should not be looking for avenues to allow us to continue to consume milk but accept the fact that it is not meant to be for adults?

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Chrissy E The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

"Reversing Lactose Intolerance

Whether your lactose intolerance is reversible depends upon the cause. If you're born without the ability to digest lactose, there's nothing you can do to reverse the condition. Similarly, if you've lost your lactas...

Philip S The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Hi all, I drank milk right up to my mid teens when I started to feel bloated and also getting serious stomach pain after drinking milk. (diarrhea too) A visit to my doctor revealed I was lactose intolerant but since milk had been a big part of my...

Chrissy E The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Germany: MinusL has a huge range of lactose free products. Cottagecheese (Hüttenkäse), milk, mascarpone, cream, yogurt and so on.

Spain: There are many different brands for lactose free milk (Kaiku, Asturiana, Pascual...) and cream (Kaiku and Ast...

Nuchi N The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

I also have gastric ulcer (it comes and goes) so from time to time my stomach would be bloated due to the amount of acid / gas anyway so this is why I hadn't managed to pin point if I am lactose intolerant. But surely I do love lactofree milk/crea...

Chrissy E The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Strongly suggests that you are lactose intolerant, Nuchi! I also drink lactofree in the UK. There is almost no taste difference! However the term 'lactosefree' stops many people from trying it. In my opinion it is a little sweeter than normal...

Jeremy M The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Contributorsilver Jeremy M My wife thinks I'm lactose intolerant. I basically stopped drinking cow's milk entirely and now only drink coconut or almond milk. Feel much better, run faster and longer, and lost a lot of weight. My body needed more calcium that cow's milk could provide with all the running I do.


okay so yesterday I drank 16 oz of 2% milk b/c we were out of almond & coconut milk. Big mistake! I'm done with cow's milk! Just can't digest it anymore!

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Nuchi N The Lactose-Intolerant Tribe Tribe

Hi all, I actually have no idea if I am lactose inloterant or not. I always drank milk when I was growing up but since I moved to UK 13 years ago, I didn't drink much at all except just in tea or coffee. But a few years ago, I did notice that I ha...

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