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The Review Tribe

Have you tried something new and different or maybe you want to give other people some ideas of something you've already tried. Well this tribe is for our very own reviewing of anything we want. It can be a product of some sort, a food, a book, a sport. Just write about whatever it is and read others comments about that item or thing. =D Have fun!

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Amanda C The Review Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Amanda C I had said I was going to be back to show pictures of my opinion on my nutribullet I got for Christmas...this is my first one ever. So far so good. Taste was good. The look not so much haha...but all healthy things might look like that... Maybe to much leafy greens. A "Nurtiblast" is what they call their smoothie/shakes and it is stated to be 50% leafy greens, 50%fruits/veggies and a bit of a boost ( like nuts or seeds) Then you just blast off....will come back once I get the hang of it all :DDDD

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Katrina P The Review Tribe Tribe

Communicatorbronze Katrina P replied to the topic BREAD!

Hey Amanda! Great question! :)

I actually have a similar situation. Being gluten-free now, I actaully don't eat as much bread as I used to. So, I tend to freeze my GF bread as well which can be pain.

Before I was GF though I always ate whole whe...

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Amanda C The Review Tribe Tribe

Communicatorgold Amanda C created the topic BREAD!

I was just interested in I sort of breads everyone ate. Growing up it was always just white bread in my home. I never know what is a good wheat bread or whole grain bread because you have to watch if it  has enriched flour it in.

I currently buy...

Dave W The Review Tribe Tribe

Sports-iqgold Dave W answered the question FOOD- Your Worst Enemy!

There are so many for me, as I have always had a good metabolism and lifted heavy and wanted to gain weight. i only used to concern myself with minimum intakes, now I also have a few upper limits. My problem areas...

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31st August 2013


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