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The Runner Diaries

If you are addicted to running and willing to share your unique and motivational tips, join "The Runner Diaries" tribe!

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Ptan;8} * The Runner Diaries Tribe

Communicatorsilver Ptan;8} * replied to the topic Running Club

Maybe u could try to inspire them to come & join you as running buddies. Talk to them about having breakfast or dinner after the run, or even you can have some little bbq party something like that. I think this will work in a sense of exercise cum...

Kena B The Runner Diaries Tribe

Communicatorbronze Kena B created the topic Running Club

Hello peeps,

Need your advice on something:

I'm managing a running club which has officially 35 members but just a couple of them turn up to the runs and training sessions. I assumed that when you love running, you don't need your arm twisted to...

Cory M The Runner Diaries Tribe

Ran almost every track distance in my youth...then smoked for 13 years with the occasional run and some fitness interspersed...but about 3 months ago I committed myself to fitness and health. For being back at it only three month the leaps have be...

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2nd July 2012



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