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The Tribesports Challenge Game

Looking for a fun way to decide which challenges to do next?... tired of trying to find some way to organize all those challenges in a spreadsheet?... wondering how you are going to get to all those challenges you took?... PLAY THE TRIBESPORTS CHALLENGE GAME!

This tribe is a game set up to provide a fun way to help get through all the challenges you took... you will randomly select one of the challenges you took using a random number generator.... there are some fun twists if you randomly select a challenge is not applicable to do when you select it... some TS challenges that are posing as wild cards, penalty cards and challenge cards.

Read the rules, set up instructions and how to play in the tribe GUIDES.

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Carol B The Tribesports Challenge Game Tribe

Awww... thanks, Richard... you are actually an inspiration to me... I feel guilty if I don't get on here knowing you will be here... I guess that is the purpose of the group. :D

So glad you got a break from those superman challenges.... you'v...

Carol B The Tribesports Challenge Game Tribe

Wow... we seemed to have lost some of our group... (me included... got sucked into work). I think we need to go hunt for them and find out what they are up to. :)

I'm still convinced you are superman in disguise.... lol

I got http://tribesports...

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Carol B

created the tribe

7th January 2013



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