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I created this tribe after I realized that one may have general questions answered in tribes specializing in some specific sport. Let's get started!

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Loretta A The Tribesports Tribe Tribe

Good news:  new challenges are now showing again.  BUT there are not that many new challenges. What's happening guys?  Running out of ideas? Let's make it a challenge to submit a couple of new challenges.  I just created 2 new ones (waiting approv...

Kevin G The Tribesports Tribe Tribe

To answer my own question which may hopefully help other people in the future, I used the Windows Snipping Tool to cut down size of spreadsheet and saved as photo. Then imported to the guide using 'Add Photo'  my ...

Kevin G The Tribesports Tribe Tribe

Most Active users these days are all following each other and new challenges are probably being created by them. We used to be able to recommend a new challenge to our followers which would get it communicated to those more likely to take. How...

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