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Too Many Active Challenges In My Queue Tribe

If you are like me you have probably taken on more challenges than you can remember. It is now as much of a challenge to try and get my active challenges down to a reasonable number as it is to not scan the new challenges ever few days and take every thing in sight :)

So, you completed 150 challenges this month and yet find yourself with more on your plate than when you started then this Tribe is for YOU!!

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Dwight W Too Many Active Challenges In My Queue Tribe Tribe

This recent trend of challenges calling for us to log a certain number of this and a certain number of that cumulative challenges makes it tough.  I keep wanting to just take them all but hold off until the next few...

Dwight W Too Many Active Challenges In My Queue Tribe Tribe

I currently have 583 challenges waiting to be completed and that is down from nearly 700 not too long ago.  Most of the challenges I have taken recently are of the "log XX number of this or that" so I don't really count thise.  Plus, a fair number...

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Tribe creator

Dwight W

created the tribe

21st February 2013


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