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Tough Guy

Tough Guy™ is the nightmare of being chased by a herd of stallions.
Your only escape route is a mighty and revered obstacle course. Built from trees, 15 metres high with Tarzan ropes swinging. No hats and no hook ups. Just pure, organic grip strength from your cold and wet hands.
Belly flop beneath razor wire, the stallions still snorting at your heels, matching your every step. Look deep into the flames before diving through them straight into shoe sucking mud. Then something wakes you, or does it? Were the stallions just a nightmare?
No time to look back, the narrow tunnels beckon. You bravely enter to discover they're filled with murky water. You can't see. You can't breathe. What chance of survival? Grope around and grab that rope. Pull yourself lungs bursting, into the light! You see the sun, or is it just another cruel mirage?
You are faced with a wall climb, as high as a mountain. No visiblity again. Is that smoke, mist or cloud? How do you get down? Take the netting or dive into the freezing lake. You suddenly realise that the sound of stallions behind is fading. You must go on. The only route is through the Arctic water.
A monkey rope, a barbed wire crawl, a rubber snake, a skin ripping snake, you can smell the finish. It's smells like.....cocoa! You know you've earned it!

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Peter R Tough Guy Tribe

Contributorbronze Peter R This year's Tough Guy was amazing and tough as hell. If you haven't already, check out this article about it:

Graham H encouraged this.


well done fella, hope you enjoyed it - it was at its brutal best and the mud and styles around the ice lake were crazy - hope your all recovered

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Graham H Tough Guy Tribe

Contributorgold Graham H anyone else here do the winter last weekend - it was my 18th toughguy and the best/worst to date they extended the course while masking old staples off added more mud and the icy pool god it was great

Simon O encouraged this.


Well done Graham, you can tick this one off then: Tough Guy 2013 18 years is an impressive count, which bits did they extend and what was masked off?

Graham H encouraged this.


Rose - i did not mean to mislead but i have completed 18 events over the last 11 years or so, they do 2 events a year the Winter is THE event the summer is usually called Nettle Warrior but it is a Toughguy event, so i have done about 9 of each now ( i did 2 summers before i tackled the winter ) , they masked off the lake and the plank and extended the run and the slalom and added a ice lake of about 150mtrs or more that you had to wade around nipple deep ( i am 6ft ) with ice thicker than a thick crust pizza, they broke it up but it was floating around like broken glass.


Still, that is really impressive! The Slalom is brutal! Well done on another completion - get some photos up!!

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Graham H Tough Guy Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Graham H answered the question How long is Tough Guy?

they claim its between 6-8 country miles on the blurb for the run then its a mile and a half per lap of the assault course ( 2 laps in summer only 1 in winter )  thats because of the hills and slaloms - this winter ...

Tough  G Tough Guy Tribe

Tough G created the guide Be aware:

-       The event will NEVER be postponed. If there is snow on the forecast then leave a few days earlier

-       Be aware of the symptoms of Hyperthermia, it kills. Your blood chills and stops circulating. Your brain is starved, you feel delirio...

Tough  G Tough Guy Tribe

Tough G created the guide Tiger

This is a great big wooden structure, but there are specific ways of getting up and down to pass the course – when you get to the top you have to do a forward roll down. Once you have gone up and down you have to go through a field of electric sho...

Tough  G Tough Guy Tribe

Tough G created the guide Slalom

Slalom is grueling! The competators are required to run up and down a 100m hill at least 5 times.

Pinky and why he loves it:

I love Slalom, it’s my baby. It kills people. You go up a 100m slope and back down, 16 times…. That is if I get the ch...

Tough  G Tough Guy Tribe

Tough G created the guide Torture Chamber

The pipes are varying sizes and all about 10 meters long, it is said that on race day the marshals will throw gravel down them, just to make sure that no knee is left un-harmed. This is the obstacle that causes the most skin damage

Tough  G Tough Guy Tribe

Tough G created the guide How do you train?

Pinkey is a Tough Guy veteran - 27 times and counting!

Q: If you were someone who has never done a Tough Guy, especially the winter one – you mentioned it was as much a mental challenge as a physical one. How would you train for this?

A: To prep...

Tough  G Tough Guy Tribe

Tough G created the guide General Facts

General Facts:

-       2 Ambulances

-       4 Field tent first aid stations

-       100 cadets

-       1 senior Dr

-       On a good year, 500 are hospitalised for hyperthermia

Main injuries are: broken ankles, dislocated knees, fractured ri...

Tough  G Tough Guy Tribe

Tough G created the guide Equipment

-       Cheap racing leggings, they will get ripped

-       Tight underlay top

-       Hat and gloves, don't throw them away when you are hot, tuck them down your front as you may need them later

-       Trainers – good trainers. Do not tape th...

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