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Trail Dogs Tribe

Friends too busy to come out riding/running? You need to get yourself a trail dog!
The ultimate singletrack companion, they’ll never say no to a day out on the trails.

Show off your trail buddies, videos, photos, experiences, training a trail dog tips

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Colleen O Trail Dogs Tribe Tribe

Communicatorsilver Colleen O replied to the topic What Age To Start?

It actually has more to do with their growth plates. Best way to tell when its ok to start training is to take an XRay and physicaly see if the growth plates are closed. Or just wait till she is full grown. I've talked to a few vets who have sligh...

Kirsten M Trail Dogs Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Kirsten M One of my trail dogs and my favourite is Floss one of our working border collies, she's always up for a run, has done half marathon distance and more and never gets in the way she is always just in front listening to every footfall, she's good around other dogs and I just adore her, she's 10 now so I guess I have to watch her mileage but as long as I build her up slowly then we both seem to run injury free! Happy days!

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Carl A Trail Dogs Tribe Tribe

Coachbronze Carl A created the guide Clearing The Trail

If your dog starts biking with you when still young, it will quickly learn that bikes stay on the trail, so it needs to get OFF the trail when a bike is approaching or overtaking it. If your dog doesn't "get it," you'll need to do some training. H...

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3rd September 2013



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