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Training for beach bodies!

If your currently training for a summer beach body, this is the place for you to share and discuss workouts, meals, and supplements!

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Musicool W Training for beach bodies! Tribe

Swimming is great for building endurance and burning fat. Also it doesnt put extra stress on your joints, so you can cross-train to build up your strength.

Andrew T Training for beach bodies! Tribe

Hey ya, I used to play badminton to a decent standard, do you have a coach or someone trusted that you can talk to about this? Just thinking that you can do a lot of plyometric style workouts with badminton drills tha...

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Amanda C Training for beach bodies! Tribe

For losing fat I always say the same thing...Cardio cardio cardio! But it seems like you have a lot of cardio going on if your your not losing weight...maybe it's that your body is use to what you are doing with it "B...

Alan A Training for beach bodies! Tribe

Contributorsilver Alan A Next beach day will be the weekend before X-mas. I'm starting the calorie cutting today! Been doing good keeping up with workouts year round, but Autumn always messes with my diet. I'm already fighting the urge since my primitive sections of my brain are telling me it's time to store some fat for the long Winter ahead. It still can't remember that we have heat at home and take beach trips South in the Winter!

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Zachary S Training for beach bodies! Tribe

At the end of the day, you get out of it what you put into it. Literally. If you put donuts and cheeseburgers into your body, you'll get muffin-tops and cottage cheese legs in return. On the other hand, hard work and a healthy diet can yield unlim...

Monica S Training for beach bodies! Tribe

I agree, with the above answers, with one caveat. While you are still growing which is the case for most teens. I would focus primarily on body weight exercises and when  and if you move to additional weight find a licensed trainer who can help yo...

Claire W Training for beach bodies! Tribe

I'm 16, i'm reasonably skinny but have very little muscle as I haven't done any sport in a while, what are some workouts that I could do to slowly gain muscle, particularly around my abdomen? I will need to start with some easy workouts to begin b...

Daniel H Training for beach bodies! Tribe

My 3 cents...

a beach body is 85% diet, 12% lifting weights, and 3% cardio.  As long as you're dedicated, I'm sure you will achieve it.  Just don't expect massive results over night.  If you want more specifics such as diet advice or training rou...

Mirja E Training for beach bodies! Tribe

I am ;)

I have been going to the gym for a month now and so far I've lost 4 cm from my belly and 3,5 cm from my waist. There is still quite a few to be lost. I'm not following my weight right now as my circuit training is also building muscl...

John B Training for beach bodies! Tribe

Circuit training for sure!!!  Pick 10-12 exercises, use weight you can do 12-15 reps with, and shoot for 2-5 rounds depending on your ability.  Rest for 1-2 minutes between rounds.  Google circuit training or metebolic resistance training and you...

Mirja E Training for beach bodies! Tribe

Well, first of all, you should tell us, if you need to lose weight, lose fat or build muscle.

And secondly, we need to know what you are already doing now, so we could give you useful suggestions, not just shooting blanks ;)

Helen L Training for beach bodies! Tribe

I just wondered if anyone has any results  to share on fat loss/building lean mass/general wellbeing from taking CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)? I've heard mixed reports about it.  Some people seem to rave about it, but others say it is a complete...

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