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Training the the Park

This Tribe is for people who prefer to train in the park than in the gym. Whether it's an organised session like BMF, a Park Run, or just a run, a cycle or a walk around the park on your own, this is the Tribe for you.

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Ryan V Training the the Park Tribe

Contributorbronze Ryan V Hi everyone. I am Ryan from Pennsylvania. I do alot of my workouts at the many local playgrounds near me. It's great for me because I have alot of friends who do it too and I don't have a gym nearby. It's also good for my parkour and free running conditioning.

Alyona T encouraged this.


Thank you Alyona! I do go to a gym every now and then, but i prefer doing exercises outside. Best of luck to you as well in your endeavors. I live by one word. Freedom.

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Ruth C Training the the Park Tribe

Forces Fitness (military fitness) who I train with in Singleton Park in Swansea had to apply to the council for a licence to operate in the park, and they had to do a presentation. I guess they have to cover all the h...

Shalini S Training the the Park Tribe

I can completely relate to this! I'm on sabbatical for a bit, so while taking care of grammie at the hospital, I figured I'd give a go at the hospital park's playground. Being stared a...

Cags R Training the the Park Tribe

Just read this and it is hilarious, good on you ladies!! We should has a 'Jax coming to a park near you' and get you shipped around the country making people get off their bums and join in the fun!

Ruth C Training the the Park Tribe

Jax, you're mad as a frog and I love it! You must have such a fire burning inside to give you so much energy and enthusiasm. I wish I had a quarter of the 'oomph' you've got, but your energy is definitely contagious and my oomph levels are creepin...

Nick B Training the the Park Tribe

I think the point is that the councils want to charge the people running fitness courses. Presumably any one taking a fitness course or boot camp in the park is paying an instructor. The instructor is running a busin...

Laura N Training the the Park Tribe

Disgrace, we've got some amazing parks and it always makes me smile when I see other people out enjoying the space, whether it's running, cycling, a game of footie... This just sounds like councils fat cats wanting to...

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Andrew M

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20th January 2012



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