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So I was really surprized when I went looking for some advice about travelling and didn't see any tribes for it! So here it is! Feel free to give your reccomendations and secret spots that you've found around the world. Or things that you feel are total tourist traps and not worth doing. And everything in between.

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Kevin G Travellers Tribe

Communicatorgold Kevin G replied to the topic Europe

Colleen, I am sure exploring Ireland will be brilliant especvially if you are into History and Castles.

My favourite place just has to be Paris at the moment, 6 trips in the past 12 months, ran the 2014 and going to run the 2015 Half Marathon in...

Colleen O Travellers Tribe

Contributorgold Colleen O Any thoughts about Hawaii?? I'm working on checking off all the states in the US! Looking at going there in a few months.


Turns out flying to Hawaii is crazy expensive. Cheaper to go to the carribean!


If you can get to Hawaii - do it! It is without a doubt worth it.

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Colleen O Travellers Tribe

Contributorgold Colleen O Just a friendly reminder to hydrate well and stick to your usual diet when traveling! I've lost track of how many times I've been on a flight and heard them page for a doctor to come assist another passenger. Most of the time the person is dizzy from dehydration or queezy because they ate something they're not used to.

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Monica S Travellers Tribe

Communicatorgold Monica S replied to the topic Favorite Place in the USA

I invite any of you to come to western Mt. The rockies and time of year is amazing. As for where I would love to travel. There are so many I want to see for a variety of reasons.

Hawaii-I would love to run there.

Fredricksburg- so much history

Colleen O Travellers Tribe

Communicatorsilver Colleen O replied to the topic Travelling Pet Peeves

At the moment, my biggest pet peeve is at the airport. The people who are in Zone 3 for boarding, and start lining up to board when only the first class and platinum/gold/silver frequent fliers are boarding, effectively blocking anyone from boardi...

Colleen O Travellers Tribe

Communicatorsilver Colleen O replied to the topic Grand Canyon

So we ended up doing a hike (Dripping Spring) that I thought would be relatively easy, 7 mile round trip. Yeah except we dropped 1700 ft. Man was going back up tiring! But we did it in 5 hours and enjoyed ourselves.

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Warren K Travellers Tribe

Contributorgold Warren K Got back from Tuscany in Italy a couple of weeks ago. Of all the places I saw, the city of Florence (Firenze) is beautiful in a way words cannot describe. If you go to Florence, don't miss the chance to climb the dome of Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore. It's about 460 steps up through a narrow passage way but the effort is rewarded with amazing views over the city.


Lucky you Warren. I was in Florence last September and it is the most amazing place. I never got the chance to climb the dome but I did go into the cathedral which was stunning. Hope to go back and spend more time there later this year and visit the Uffizi too.

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Sarah Jane A Travellers Tribe

Contributorbronze Sarah Jane A I'm just back 2 months from a 3 month around the world trip. I went over the US, Hawaii, Figi, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Hawaii is a MUST! I was on the island of Oahu, in Honolulu. Figi also, go to the Robinson Crusoe Island...amazing staff on a isolated 25 acre island with hammocks, water sports and SUN and volleyball in the SUN!!! :):)

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Is Oahu not as commercialized as the other islands? I heard that Hawaii has just basically become a giant resort. Which is good or bad depending on what you're looking for.

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Oahu would prob be considered the "resort" island but not in a bad way at all. It's just full of life and fmily stuff as well as shopping. U can also sneak off to more quiet places and enjoy the snorkling, diving, coral, relaxing etc...the people are soooo friendly. I'd go back in a heartbeat!:)

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