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Treadmill Trotters

For those that run on a treadmill - Train, fun or general fitness.

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Emma P Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

Interesting aye....i have a treadmill and quite often people say to me its easier on that or your not going to cope on the road! but really i love to do both and see so many benefits of both what i love most about th...

Amanda C Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

So far when I am on the treadmill at the gym I am only walking so I have been logging this under walking because I do not see a treadmill button..Is there one and I am not seeing it? Also lately I have been using the incline button and was hoping...

Kerry H Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

Thanks for the advice Allan and Elaine! Maybe I didn't stretch enough. Usually I do my warm up, go and do a full workout and then run, and it will be ok. This time I just warmed up and ran. =S  I've been using heat o...

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Elaine B Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

Kerry as Allan had mentioned you should go and see a physio.  Also, what I like to use after runs is a roller.  If you are not familiar with them they are made out of a hard foam  some made of a more giving foam but...

Allan J Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

Initial reaction would be to look at your shoes and running technique.  But, I would go and see a physio or sports doctor type to get it checked out as it doesn't sound like a simple problem to fix (espcially with yo...

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Kerry H Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

I started running and I quite like it, I have been trying to improve my distance and time ( have a heart condition so its slow going) my first run was awesome made me feel great, second run better time, better distance.. but blisters on the bottom...

Colin S Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

There is a great app for iPhone tabatta timer. It's free and I use it for interval sprints. 20seconds running fast pace 10seconds recovery. One set consists of 8reps aim to complete 8sets of 8reps. It's very hard but...

Sue D Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

I usually set off too fast in my interval training and then faulter before the end of the interval, this might be just what I need :)

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William  B Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

It's relative to your fitness, sue. But here's what I do. 10 min warm up then 3 mins at 14ks 2 mins easy, 3@ 14.5, 2 easy, 3@ 15 then 2 easy and so forth up to 16.5ks. The pace you want to start with is about half ma...

Cherif D Treadmill Trotters  Tribe

Contributorgold Cherif D If you could afford a treadmill would you run outside?

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I used to do majority of my training on treadmill and liked it more than the road. Now i run outside almost all the time and prefer it.

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I know it feels great to run outside at times.

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Lee C

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6th January 2012



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