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Topic • 31 replies

Welcome to the Triathlon Beginners Tribe! We're all about sharing advice, asking questions, and generally chatting and catching up on all things 'Triathlon Beginners' related. As you're new to the Tribe, why not add a quick post here to introduce yourself ...

Newest reply

Hi everyone. I have completed several duathlons but haven't tried a triathlon before because of my lack of swimming ablity. I have made it a goal to improve my swimming skills and give my first triathlon a go. This looked like a good place to get started!


Cycling shoes?

Topic • 11 replies

Could someone please enlighten me on why cyclists wear particular shoes? I've heard something about energy return...or something like that. Thanks!

Newest reply

Stiif soles is the main ingredient on a cycling shoe. Power (force x revolution) is lost through the foot if the sole of the shoe bends. Therefore, cycling in a running shoe will always lose power that can be applied through the pedals because the foot wi...


Standard duathlon v Olympic triathlon.( 5km run v 1,500m...

Topic • 9 replies

I did the Dingle standarde duathlon last weekend. I was exhausted at the end. Thinking back I'm wondering that running 5km in the beginning takes much more out of you in a duathlon than swimming 1.500meters in a triathlon. I may not have been that tired I r...

Newest reply

It doesnt matter what distance it is, or whether its a duathlon or triathlon, or whether its ITU or XTERRA its all about knowing your race pace and running your own race.  If you go off too fast you will suffer later and its sounds like you know that yo...


What an earth are Swolf (or maybe it's S.W.O.L,F) and SPL...

Topic • 2 replies

What do the mean (or stand for if they are acronyms)? How do I know if the numbers are good, bad or ok and what does better look like? For example tonight I swam 950m in 28:20, burned 178 calories, have a 45 swolf and 14 SPL. The TomTom guide doesn't ex...

Newest reply Thanks!!  That makes it much clearer!


Buying a tri wetsuit.

Topic • 15 replies

Was going to splurge on a tri wet suit today. In this particular shop I was on my way into the fitting room to try one on when a man stopped me. He said that I'd have to buy it first before I try it. If it didn't fit he'd get me another size. Now I wasn't g...

Newest reply

any brand or fit preferences though? I raced my first race without a tri suit last year and managed to keep chafing at bay. But just thought it was a hassle to put on my bike shorts over swimsuit at t1. Those who have invested in a suit, what do u recommend...


Cycling / running/ swimming

Topic • 33 replies

I've recently started training in swimming and cycling. I love running as it gives me a great satisfaction coming home sweating and full of buzz!!!!! I just don't get that same 'high' after doing an hours swimming and cycling. I reckon 1 hours cycling for m...

Newest reply

I'm more of a cyclist, but enjoy running with someone, but swimming... Bores the crap out of me. Really don't see the point of swimming back an forth. I have to I vet in a water proof MP3 player to keep me from getting bored in the pool...


How much will you invest

Topic • 19 replies

Looking around on site I feel I could spend thousands of pounds on high-tech kit, from a tri-suit to new bike. For the first triathlon I wouldn't want to go crazy with the spending but still want to enjoy the race, what kit have you bought which is essentia...

Newest reply

I also have a carbon road bike and a hard back mountain bike - in fact I have a lot of toys lol


Where should the line be drawn for road closures at grass...

Topic • 5 replies

After reading Chrissie Wellington's reply to Simon Jenkin's article ( I've been thinking: where should the line between grass roots participation and public inconvenience lie? On the...

Newest reply

I beleive only for major international or national events.  Most other events can easily just cope with marshalls.  Councils do seem hell-bent on raising money as for one event I was involved in, we were told we had to have professional marshalls, not...


Triathlon newby

Topic • 7 replies

Hi - just discovered Tribesports and I've joined this tribe because I have my fiest triathlon coming up in October.  It's an off road tri with 750m of swimming (pool), 15.5k on the mountain bike and a 9.7k run.  I'm getting stuck into training which is comi...

Newest reply

Yea. Thats really good article Cags. I'm hoping to do a triathlon sometime. Don't know do I want to be that serious about it? Nice  


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