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Triathlon Club of San Diego

The Tri Club of San Diego is the largest Triathlon Club in the US. While this is a wonderful club for locals in San Diego, we also help athletes from ALL OVER THE WORLD when they visit San Diego to participate in one of the many Triathlons held here. Or if they are just visiting for the winter training months. The TCSD will try and help fellow athletes find rentals or home/room sharing options. Or simply help athletes find the facilities for training and help them get around the city. We have lots of group training events and practice Triathlons throughout the year as well.
I'm just a member of the club so this page is NOT sanctioned by the club.... I just thought it would be another place for us to meet up. Cheers, Chris Toogood

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Chris T Triathlon Club of San Diego Tribe

Contributorsilver Chris T Getting my stuff ready for a "Club" Triathlon race tomorrow. These events are fun, free and great practice. The Triathlon Club of San Diego has great equipment (ie. bike racks and timing chips, etc.) AND they are feeding us too... Last month we had about 120 folks do the 750M swim, 20KM bike and 4 mile run....


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The cool thing about these races is it is actually fun to "age up"... I want to stay healthy so I can get on the podium oneday. (66 yrs and above the competition starts to thin out so Im setting my sights on those years for some WINS!!. :)

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Me too....ive had a 10th and a 5th so far...that's because in some of my events there's still 100-150 in my age also looking for the

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Thats awesome Gary!!! You are soooo close. The best Ive done is 9th (out of 120) but Im really working on my swim and getting faster all around...

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Chris T Triathlon Club of San Diego Tribe

Contributorsilver Chris T TCSD is holding the third and final free Sprint Triathlon this Saturday on Fiesta Island. These "club races" are well run and GREAT for the beginner Triathlete. They even give us timing chips and a full on breakfast afterwards. All volunteers from the club so I have started pitching in and it is really great fun....

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