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Triathlon swimmers

The swim in a triathlon is about getting to the bike in one piece. Lets share tips links video on how to get an efficient swim and have more energy for the bike and run.

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Kevin G Triathlon swimmers Tribe

Have good endurance generally and have swam a mile for first time ever this week. Now need to work on better technique, signed up for coaching waiting list today, who will no doubt give me drills to do. It's all a bit inelegant at the moment lol

Tamara A Triathlon swimmers Tribe

I love using flippers when I am swimming, it lets me really concentrate on my arm form & technique...pullboys for upper body work well. When I was trainning we would where several nylon suits & swim with nylons (feet...

Murray P Triathlon swimmers Tribe

Murray P created the topic Newbie

Hi guys I am  just new to all this but am absolutly hooked, i only started swimming at xmas but get in the water as much as possible now, i used to stop at the end of the 25mtr pool, tired and out of breath, now i find my self swimming upto 15klm...

Daniel B Triathlon swimmers Tribe

I have never tried it and I reckon Kalli is right that the easiest thing to do is to try it. Certainly don't do it for the first time in an actual event. But I'm going to guess there is a good reason that I have neve...

Irene M Triathlon swimmers Tribe

Contributorgold Irene M Ok it was too cold to take off my sweat pants in this photo but do you think the top would work for a tri suit?


Neil P encouraged this.


If its cotton NO !...You need something in a polyester mix a breathable needs to be able to dry very quickly and not abrasive as this could rub under your suit...a lot also depends on the temp...length of swim bike mindfull that it will need to be comfortable through out the whole event..this is of course if you are worried about times..because you could always just wear a normal swim suit and change when you get out of the water or if its a warm day and a short bike route..leave the swim suit on and just shove on a pair of shorts over... always try your equipment out before dummy runs..nothing worse than on race day to find out you cant breath because its too tight/small wrong materiel...i was never a tri suit fan until i started open water i scoured the internet and managed to find on sale a one peice TYR...£34..[not sure what that is in dollars but a bargain here lol]...its a great piece of kit and does the lot SBR...i even used it last month in Temps of -2 the end of the day dont panic dont worry be relaxed and enjoy...not every entrant looks like a supreme athlete..i'm always amazed at some of the kit that people turn up with...[surely not i say] have fun

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Gary S Triathlon swimmers Tribe

Contributorgold Gary S Clocked up 1km of swimming in the pool this some free advise from a friendly legs are moving all over the place creating too much drag...i need to kick more with my feet and not so much the legs...i know that! try telling my legs!

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