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Kevin G Tribe Sport Addicts  - YES YOU! Tribe

What makes me laugh is that you have to be so careful what the autocorrect replaces your word with. Trying to update challenges in a hurry produces not so much typos as drivel. 

Jeff C Tribe Sport Addicts  - YES YOU! Tribe

I do typos all the time.  Sometimes, my phone autocorects my words that the words come out different than what I was typed.  In TS, after I typed, If I realized the grammer or any errors I could highlight whole thing...

Loretta A Tribe Sport Addicts  - YES YOU! Tribe

You are absolutely right and thank you very much for your support and compliments :))  I really like Maria's reply when she said that why would you train (log) one part when you got two.  So simple but so true. 

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