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Tribe Sporters Unite!!

For the past 5 months I have been apart of a new family; one that support, encourages & challenges me on a daily basis. Many families partake in reunions; has there ever been a TS reunion, if not, can one be arranged? What a momentous occasion it would prove to be!!! Who is with me? We face & conquer challenges on a daily basis, we are able to organize, execute & conquer this one as well right?

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Jane H Tribe Sporters Unite!! Tribe

Contributorgold Jane H Just checking in the with the tribe to report on the Melbourne Marathon where I drove in with the gorgeous, talented runner @natkat, and scaled the barricade to start with her. At the 5km mark I was happily running along, enjoying the city scene, when the cutest runner jogged along beside me for a chat, @barryy. And what a lift for the rest of the run that was! It was fabulous to meet up with TS friends for the marathon :) And since the three of us qualified for Boston 2015, we are going to plan a trip to the USA!


I think we really have to try and make Boston really happen! Really! :)

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My family is keen, I might start looking into how long we need, and apply for some Long Service Leave :)

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Jane H Tribe Sporters Unite!! Tribe

Contributorgold Jane H @natkat and me at the Victorian Road Runners Princes Park Half Marathon, August 18. Natalie drove us in, and we warmed up together (windy, cold Melbourne Winter), we were about 45minutes early for the run. Natalie had a great run and won a bronze medal for 3rd female runner over the line. Age helped me out, I was lucky enough to be awarded a silver medal for the Veteran's category. Hopefully I can secure a photo of @barryy and a few of us at the Melbourne Marathon October 13.


Cool :) I didn`t even get a medal for my effort :( they only give 1st grrrrrrr!

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