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Tribesport Addicts

Are you a TribeSport Addict? Here's the place to express why you are a TS addict and how do you manage your time. Are you secretly looking on TS at work, on the bus, in church...everywhere...well share your experience.

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Marco C Tribesport Addicts Tribe

Contributorgold Marco C Well, I'm becoming really addicted to Tribesports because, let's see.... I find myself during the night trying to sleep and thinking about the challenges I have to do; getting notebooks and planning challenges and workouts to post and of course, spending hours encouraging and replying to posts. That's it for now, probably one day I'll get to Helen's level and get a tattoo. ;)


I am so glad I am not going TS mad alone, I've reached the point of sleeping and thinking about tomorrow's challenges. Enforced TS rest days are being introduced for my sanity

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Helen L Tribesport Addicts Tribe

Contributorgold Helen L I suspected that I am addicted to TS when I got a TS inspired tatt..


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