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Tribesports Features Wishlist

I completed the At Home Workout #003 - Blast Your Whole Body and thought about adding this to a regular morning routine. Then I thought how great it would be to add Completed Challenges to a Favorites list. I am going to eventually contact the Tribesports team about the idea but then thought about gathering other ideas too!

Soooooo.....please add other features you would like to see incorporated into Tribesports! I'm hoping the Team will see this---if not, I will contact them myself!

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Amanda C Tribesports Features Wishlist Tribe

Are you on your challenges pages and there should be a search bar in your pages on the right and you type in the challenge your looking that is on your challenges pages and it should come up. If it doesn't it may be...

Vylisa A Tribesports Features Wishlist Tribe

Not a wish for a feature but couldn't think of a better place to ask this.

Is anyone else having an issue on their challenge list page? I'm scrolling down, searching through my list and can't find certain challenges and others will be listed more...

Hellfire Hazel (Lisa Anne) G Tribesports Features Wishlist Tribe

It would be great if TS could give us a message that stated "This workout look similar to one already in use" We could then have the option to click "Use this workout" or No Thanks, mine is different"

Kevin G Tribesports Features Wishlist Tribe

Communicatorgold Kevin G replied to the topic "Challenges Created" Link

Alex, Amanda and Lisa, not sure if you have seen Cags remark above, anyone think being able to message and communicate with all your users in a single go would be a desirable feature, shout now ??

Kevin G Tribesports Features Wishlist Tribe

Communicatorgold Kevin G replied to the topic "Challenges Created" Link

Lol I was going ask you @cags what the most appropriate way these ideas should be communicated, but as you have answered, will just say thanks.

is their anyway of developing the ability for a user to send a single message to all of his followers...

Cags R Tribesports Features Wishlist Tribe

Communicatorgold Cags R replied to the topic "Challenges Created" Link

Hi guys,

Just to let you know your suggestions are being taken in, we're currently developing a previous member suggestions to roll out soon accumlator Challenges like this:

In regards...

Zachary S Tribesports Features Wishlist Tribe

Coming from someone who stopped using the site for about a year, I don't think it would be good to delete users like that. Maybe put them in an archive, or something like that, but don't delete them entirely. People go through phases, sometime...

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