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Tribesports Health Care Professionals

One of the (many) great things about Tribesports is that it connects people from all over the world all in the name of health and wellness. This tribe aims to connect the health care practitioners (or its students) within the Tribesports community.

So welcome!!! Now give a shout-out to your profession and the country/region/state you practice in.

For health care professionals (a person qualified by education, license or certification to work in the health care field) or students who are pursuing a career as a health practitioner.

Health care practitioners are commonly grouped into four key fields:
1) Medical (including generalist practitioners and specialists);
2) Nursing (including various professional titles);
3) Dentistry;
4) Allied health professions, including pharmacy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and many others.

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Shelia B Tribesports Health Care Professionals Tribe

Contributorgold Shelia B I have been a Medical Assistant for 6 years now. Due to my injuries it has been a lot harder to find a job. My current job at Charleston Area Medical Center doesn't have a job that I can do. So I'm on the search and looking at going back to school to be retained into something different. I would like to stay in the health care field, but that may not be possible.

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Azucena M Tribesports Health Care Professionals Tribe

You have to find what motivates you and what will push you to keep going. Getting into your workout clothes the second you get home really adds some motivation because you can't just get into your work out clothes an...

Tamara A Tribesports Health Care Professionals Tribe

Hi Helen, I feel you on this one. In summer months (May-September) I work 50-80 hours per week, generally from noon onward; sometimes until 4-5 am ...I try to run as early as possible on the days I long haul it; pre...

Carol Ann B Tribesports Health Care Professionals Tribe

Communicatorsilver Carol Ann B replied to the topic Nurse vs Doctor

Hmm.. Nurse B says if you want decent venepuncture (before fifth attempt) go with the Nurse every time.. which fits with your 'tech' theory (it's not really a matter of skill, just patience!) Seriously, I would say both professions will look at th...

Sheila G Tribesports Health Care Professionals Tribe

I've been a Registered Massage Therapist in ON, Canada for 20 years and prior to that I worked as a Med. Tech. If I ever end up sitting at a desk all day I am so I found out last year when I was off work for 2 months due to an injury...

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Kara A Tribesports Health Care Professionals Tribe

Hi Everyone,

I am a massage therapist in Minnesota, USA.  My focus is on rehabilitative, deep tissue, injury and Trigger Point therapy.  In 1995-6 I went back to school as a middle aged woman and I have never had a regret in changing careers.  My...

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