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TRX suspension training

TRX Suspension Training leverages your own bodyweight to build power, balance, core strength and flexibility for people of all fitness levels. The aim is to developing strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability simultaneously. Its cheap, straight forward and the results are great! Join our Tribe to learn more and share your experiences.

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Ayesha M TRX suspension training Tribe

Hi guys,

I first used the TRX when I joined them gym nearly two years ago, I'd read a lot about it and was excited to try. I found I developed really quickly on it, it's now a smaller part of my routine, but I've been thinking I should add some m...

Daniel H TRX suspension training Tribe

Contributorgold Daniel H My gym has a TRX set up but they only get the suspension/ring things out for personal trainers and their clients. Damn them! Favourite routines people? I'm going to try and get them to allow me to use the equipment without a PT (pfft, never needed one in my life - self educated!).

Thanks :)


Daniel, what I do for a favorite routine is usually throw my TRX into a daypack and ride my bicycle to a nearby park. This gives me a 15 minute or so cardio based warm up before the TRX workout. When I get to the park I hook the TRX on to a monkey bar or a tree limb, then do 2 to 3 sets of pistol squats on each leg. 3 sets of TRX rows, 3 sets of TRX chest presses, 3 sets of TRX "superman" pullovers, 2 sets of TRX triceps extensions, and 2 sets of TRX bicep curls.

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Anita P TRX suspension training Tribe

Contributorbronze Anita P I loved TRX training the very first time I tried it. It's simple and yet soooo effective! My body ached all over the next day and I was hooked! TRX is so versatile, I can fit this workout in anywhere I go, which is a huge selling point for me.
I feel like I'm gushing... hahahah :) I'm very excited to be doing the instructor course in June!
Any instructors on here??

Jarod C and Monica T encouraged this.

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