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TS Keeps Me Motivated

Sometimes we all just need a little encouragement. I want everyone who joins this tribe to help each other. We all joined the site for one reason or another and sometimes the kind words of others can help us reach our goals. Thank you for Joining.

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Amanda L TS Keeps Me Motivated Tribe

Contributorgold Amanda L I started exercising daily again last November and Tribesports variety of challenges and workouts have helped me lose about 20 pounds this last year. The community on here was enough to keep me motivated even with my hectic life of 2 jobs and 2 daughters heavily involved in activities. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!


Thank you! I was on a cruise last October/November and when I looked at the pictures from on the ship, I couldn't believe how bad I thought I looked. To me I looked 7 months pregnant and I was mortified by that. I did quite a bit of searching on the net and stumbled across this site and have been hooked since! I feel better and look amazing (according to people that I graduated with at my 15 year class reunion)! I can't thank everyone on here enough for all the encouraging thoughts and comments!

encouraged this.


Well done Amanda ! Keep up the hard work and eventually you will reach your target :)

Amanda C and Eunice Y encouraged this.

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Monica S TS Keeps Me Motivated Tribe

The downside for me is I see way to many interesting challenges and thus have a huge to do list but thats it. I love the support structure as I do not have that in my life otherwise. I am unfortunately surrounded my negative people. 

Helen T TS Keeps Me Motivated Tribe

I'm one of the many guilty ones who come back all hot and sweaty ready for a shower...but instead pull up a seat in front of the computer to log my activity, check up on others, search for more fun (sorry challenges) and then...eventually go get t...

Kristy O TS Keeps Me Motivated Tribe

I'm finally starting to develop some sort of normalcy...LOL.  I workout, and after each seperate workout I log the exercises I did.  Then I make my recovery smoothie. Then I quickly clean my house before work.

Then I go to work and spend way more...

Karen L TS Keeps Me Motivated Tribe

Communicatorgold Karen L replied to the topic "Tribesports Tribute"

Hey TS sister !! I'm so moved by your story Steph. You've been through so much and, you know what? You're still here. You've survived and you're stronger for it. You're a fabulous lady and I thoroughly enjoy the humour you bring to this site. Keep...

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