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Ugly Feet!

Are you an active runnner, marathoner, ultrarunner, or other sport that leaves pedicurists running for cover? Share here all the super inspiring photos, stories, anecdotes, xrays, and antifungals that have colored your time as a bipedal athlete! I, sadly, have regrown all my toenails, and need you guys to show me the light, and help me break down the psychological barriers that keep me from reengaging the long run.

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Teresa D Ugly Feet! Tribe

Contributorgold Teresa D gruesome foot number two. thank god i only have two feet. lol


I don't know if pressing "Encourage" is a good thing or bad? It looks so painful! Wishing you a quick recovery!

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thanks jeffrey, it's actually not as painful as it looks- it's infected now tho so it's the inactivity thats driving me crazy! ;os

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Teresa D Ugly Feet! Tribe



i know, should be elevating it more than i actually am, so difficult with a houseful of children, but i'm doing my best x sleeping with 3 pillows underneath it.. no, wasn't aware of arnica, thanks for the advice- will get some when i can next get a lift to the shops! not booked in for the other yet, hoping to recover fully then get a bit of swimming x running in before the next session! hope your well carol ann, nice to hear from you x thanks for the

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Ah, yes I know how hard it can be to take our own advice! Kids & life don't stop when we need a rest ;) Thanks for posting these pics - totally quashed any self-pity for my one mere broken toe! Hope you get lots of swimming in with the kids over summer & be kind to yourself :) X

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i'll try! hope your toe heals very soon! x

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Teresa D Ugly Feet! Tribe

Contributorgold Teresa D eeeeeew! are these the worst feet ever- or what? just had my right one 'fixed' - can't wait to see what it looks like when the bandages come off, and more importantly if i can run for longer!
(x can't quite believe i am posting this pic!.. hope no ones eating their lunch! ha ha)


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Ron W Ugly Feet! Tribe

Communicatorsilver Ron W replied to the topic Tell me about it!

Every year I do American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. If you don't know what it is, it's a 24 hour event, you're on a team, you walk around a track, or at least you're supposed to.  Some teams might get 3 laps in per person for the entire 24 h...

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David L Ugly Feet! Tribe

They didn't really delete my photo, I just could not, in good taste, put up a photo of real runners feet.  There might be children watching!  However, feel free to post photos of the worst of yours, if you like.  This is a place to revel in, and r...

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