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Unique Workouts

A place to share your "unique" or unusual training techniques.

Whether it is a new twist on an existing exercise, your own creation or a different combination of exercises, sets and reps; let others know. Do you have a personal way of doing an exercise due to a unique condition or an adapted method, which you have used to combat a physical difficulty??

The purpose of this Tribe is to share and grow....

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Dave W Unique Workouts Tribe

Contributorgold Dave W Whilst out and about - here's a novel way to get some extra exercises in ;-)


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Jane H Unique Workouts Tribe

No sorry Dave, I usually grab the runners for a run or do body weight exercises, I really don't use equipment unless I go to the gym and try some of the machines occasionally! I have a some dumb bells, but they are too light now, I have been think...

Dave W Unique Workouts Tribe

Very soon, I aim to create some new kit as well as modifying/reinforcing existing equipment. I know there will be a few people out there who have made or modified equipment to meet their own specific needs, or even as a way of reducinng costs.


Dave W Unique Workouts Tribe

I absolutely agree Bindy ! I started on smaller numbers and (just like weight training) increased the reps steadily over a period of time. With most exercises, it's a case of steady and sure progression ;-)

Anne T Unique Workouts Tribe

Communicatorbronze Anne T replied to the topic Hoola Hooping

Love hula-hooping! Only have an old hoop at present...would love a weighted one! I was amazed this last summer....hadn't picked up a hoop since a girl.....could still do it...just around the waist,but could still do it!! Had a leg injury so was lo...

Dave W Unique Workouts Tribe

Communicatorgold Dave W created the topic Hoola Hooping

Since it's commercial release in 1958 the Hoola Hoop has had varied levels of popularity and has been used for various exercises over the years. From a kids toy to dance, to a piece of exercise equipment, which has even been used in World record b...

Marco C Unique Workouts Tribe

Yeah that is for the best. Yesterday I got back to training after two days resting and it couldn't felt more great. I was underestimating rest days and I will now have them more often especially in the winter.

By the way, I don't know how you...

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Dave W

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14th April 2013



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