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vent out area

Ever felt uneasy when most of the time people would 'try' to encourage us when we verbalize feelings of depression, anger and even frustration when it comes to becoming healthy or slimming down? Well good news!

This is the place wherein people would allow you to vent out without judging, to vent out without trying to be hypocratically anything. If you are feeling down, defeated, disappointed, we are here to listen.

We understand all of us goes through this once in a while... This is the drop off point. You let go of all your negative vibes here to allow you to move on.

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Ria C vent out area Tribe

Contributorbronze Ria C didnt know i'd be saying this but life is getting extremely frustrating! :((

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Ria C vent out area Tribe

A year ago, The BELIEVE Coach Nicholas Dillon shared a very wonderful blog I think could help us all so here goes...

Life is full of situations where it can be difficult to say what we really think; but silence sometimes comes at a high cost...

Steve S vent out area Tribe

Contributorgold Steve S LOL OK here goes... I did not get on the treadmill so I can have a conversation with you. Please let me Run!

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Hi! Welcome! Oh no, 7 hours late. I can't use the elliptical either we can talk. :)

20130412141554-sheilarmt just expressed in one line why I don't have a workout-buddy for the gym!

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Sheila, I struggle with my Tues and Thurs afternoon workouts. A friend wants to talk every min. Mon, Wed, and Fri are AM workouts that are very fulfilling. :)

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