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Warrior Workouts:

Look like a greek statue, ripped like a spartan, fitt like a warrior, powerful as a hero. using the very technechs the warrior, gladiators, and armies of old used to survive, these work outs and nutritional tips will give you streagnth, endurance, power, flexibality, and confidence you want... ooo and you look verry good in doing so... but it will be hard and work every moment of it!

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Robyn S Warrior Workouts:  Tribe

Completely AGREE!!!  None of us look the same, and it's being happy with who we are that matters.  And what I find attractive someone else may not, so look within the heart.  That being said, I completley disagree about enhancements. Hard wor...

Daniel W Warrior Workouts:  Tribe

Many people say that it is not possible to have a cover mosel body with out the help of suppliments or roids. or that beeing in the ultimate condition or streanght means you cant look good? well trust me thats a myth! thats why they say "bEst shap...

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