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Weekend Walkers

After a stressful week at work there nothing better than going on an adventure into the back and beyond! Whether you favor rural, mountainous or moorland areas, this tribe is for you! Walking is not only great exercise but it is very rewarding at the same time, so come meet like mined people share your stories, photos, routes and everything else that makes it one of the most relaxing and rewarding hobbies around.

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Becky M Weekend Walkers Tribe

Becky M Hello, I enjoy walking, and want to try to start walking a 4 mile route that I use to do. I know I can do this at least twice a week. Already doing combat fit class 3 times a week that does a 5 minute jog before the class starts.

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Esmeralda S Weekend Walkers Tribe

Contributorgold Esmeralda S Before joining TS I Would encourage mum to walk with me. She's the type of person who didn't walk to places as much and constantly wearing high heels for her young age of 66 I slowly (weaned) convinced her to getting trainers for the first time in her life she's been using them 2x a week for 12 weeks then she got back to permanently wearing heels,. The last 4 months she's been walking everywhere she goes. I'm so proud of her! Now she loves walking. She is a slow walker but she is doing it she's not hopping from one bus for a few stops she walks miles and miles. We are each other's motivators! We take it in turns.

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Tom G Weekend Walkers Tribe

Contributorsilver Tom G My Boss turned me on to this website today called DC Rainmaker. This guy has amazing reviews of health and fitness products. I was very impressed and was able to select a GPS watch to fit my needs and budget. I can use it for walking, running or cycling.

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Eva A Weekend Walkers Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Eva A answered the question Cool Weather Tips

Hey there! Well, I have two motivators usually: first - if I do my workout, I can eat something yummy afterwards (I'm not trying to lose weight, so bare with me :) ) and second - no workout, no shower. So everyone wi...

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Tori S Weekend Walkers Tribe

Sports-iqbronze Tori S answered the question Cool Weather Tips

Great tips, I will admit Chris, choosing the right gear is probably not something I have thought of and will make a big impact. Colleen you are too right! I have a very active husky who LOVES his winter walks. Gre...

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