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Weight Lifting Is for Girls!

Female power lifting, weight lifting, strength competitions etc...

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Louise W Weight Lifting Is for Girls! Tribe

Hello, I'm Louise from the uk although I have done weights for the last 10years I have only started to get stronger since Christmas when I became a hammer thrower :-) . My coach has set targets for me which I am working as hard as I can to achieve...

Simone B Weight Lifting Is for Girls! Tribe

Contributorsilver Simone B First weight session is tonight!! :D any one have any thoughts for working the gluteus medius? It is thought to one of the reasons why I have such problems with my IT bands.. Thanks! :D

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it might look daunting at first but give it a go, there are a few about that give you baby steps through. definmetly have to give it a go! im sure you will do great. hope dont qaulify as a midddle aged flump!! i dont own a onesie though.......... ;-)


haha don't think anyone on here could be called a flump we're all setting goals and trying to achieve what we can - that's all anyone can do no matter what the challenge or the goal! (but thank goodness you don't own a onesie haha :) right back to the grind lol I must get off the site or I wont have the funds to pay for challenges haha :) catch you later! take care!

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Try a yoga foam roller and look up exercises using the roller for your IT band.

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