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Westway Climbing Centre

You want to climb but you don't have a climbing partner or the usual one is lazy or in holidays? Get familar with people who climb at Westway, share your climbing hours with others and find climbing partners.
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Cags R Westway Climbing Centre Tribe

Intending to go down for a second session on the 24th/25th of Feb but iin our taster session the instructor was taking care of all the belaying. Do you need to be a certain level before turning up and climbing or are there people on the floor who...

Nick B Westway Climbing Centre Tribe

Warming up is definetly the most important thing particulary your fingers and build slowly. Use the traverse wall after a good stretch. Then as Neil said use your legs. Try and keep your arms extended as much as you...

Nick B Westway Climbing Centre Tribe

When you see a good climber you will know. Good climber are like dancers. I was watching a junior competition last year and all the girls were failing on the crux move, a tiny hold on an overhang. Then the final g...

Neil C Westway Climbing Centre Tribe

Look at the way they move on the wall. It will be calm, smooth and efficient with minimal fuss. Their foot placements will be accurate, precise, and most of all quiet. No clunky foot placements kicking against the pl...

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