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Why do we run ??

It's been the London Marathon today and I've been gutted I wasn't there with all the other runners. This made me think.. why do we run, why do we push our bodies and why if you are like me.. if you haven't run for a few days do we have withdrawal symptoms??

My tribe is for runners to chat about what makes them run and what started them in the first place?

So it doesn't matter if you have run for years or if you have just started to run, lets just chat why we do it??

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Bill S Why do we run ?? Tribe

Contributorgold Bill S Now days I am an afternoon runner. I run after I get off work. I use to run mornings when I had a different job that allowed the time in the morning. I started out as a competitive runner when I was in High School and College. I just like the way it makes me feel. Trail running makes me feel even better. As long as my body allows me I will be a runner for life if I can. There is a point in every run where you stop thinking about the time or pace. You don't feel the body as much as you feel your mind expand. This is a great time to think about anything because it becomes clear what you need to do. Could be just endorphin's but something is making it much easier to deal with everyday life problems. More running, less problems, more solutions.

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Molly H Why do we run ?? Tribe

I run because I can. It took years, but I finally figured out that the idea was NOT to run as fast as possible right out of the gate. That was my problem for a long time and I thought I couldn't run. Now, I have done many 5 and 10Ks, and two half...

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22nd April 2012



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