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Windsurfing Tips and Technique

As described, area for those who like to surf with the wind and a sail to discuss all elements of the sport.

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Adrian K Windsurfing Tips and Technique Tribe

  • By pulling the sail in or letting it out with your back hand, you will be able to control the speed of the windsurfer.
  • By tipping the clew (the back) of the sail towards the back of the board, you will steer the board up into the wind.
  • By tipp...

Hideki S and Neil C encouraged this.

Adrian K Windsurfing Tips and Technique Tribe

  • The first skill to learn is uphauling. This involves pulling the sail out of the water, and placing ones hands on the boom in order to begin sailing.
  • Attached to the boom on it’s mast end, and running to the base of the sail should be a length of...
Adrian K Windsurfing Tips and Technique Tribe

  • A windsurfer travels perpendicular to the wind, or ‘across’ the wind, so the surfer should always have their back to the wind while sailing.
  • Wind direction can be determined by observing the direction of the ripples or waves on the surface of the...

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