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Wisconsin Tribe

This tribe is for those that live, work, or play in Wisconsin. To join this tribe you must be able to define the following: Stop and go light, bubbler, soda pop, cheese curd, bratwurst and Lambeau Leap. Can you define those terms, er no? You must also know who Bango, Bernie and Bucky are.

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Shelley H Wisconsin Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Shelley H Spring seems to have arrived for a couple of days! Planning to take advantage of the nicer weather and maybe get some longer outdoor runs logged this week. I've been a major slug all winter and it's starting to show. Anyone else have this issue?

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Shelley H Wisconsin Tribe Tribe

Dee K that's fantastic!!  Are you on 65?  A route I used to drive on a daily basis when I lived in RF and drove to Ellsworth.  Finally, there is someone on here who lives near me...I'm north of Baldwin at the moment, but grew up in Prescott and ha...

Meghan L Wisconsin Tribe Tribe

Contributorgold Meghan L Saturday was a little crummy here so I went to bikram yoga, then went to the natatorium & went swimming with some friends. Sunday was a lot nicer, so I got to enjoy a nice barefoot run, then later went out to dinner barefoot.

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Joe T

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18th December 2012



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