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Women on the Run

Women are revered for our ability to multi task - juggle work, family and friends – adding running to the mix just makes sense to balance out our hectic lives. Quite apart from the relief and release running gives us from daily stress, it’s the ideal form of exercise to fit into a busy schedule. Join this tribe to share running experiences, seek advice and support each other in our quest to be fit and (relatively) sane in our busy 21st century.

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L. D Women on the Run Tribe

Contributorgold L. D Hi! TribeSports challenges closing at 23 oct. We are all so sorry, it was a good story but we have the opportunity not to lose these achievements and goals and move on. Do not stop throwing Challenges! Join us on and continue to write the history of your achievements together with us. Take Challenges, create owns, take a part in online events, earn on your activity. And most importantly, communicate with like-minded people and invite friends.

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Kevin G Women on the Run Tribe

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Alan A Women on the Run Tribe

I never could run. I was fast in sprints as a kid, but when attempting "jogging" when the craze started, my knees and hips instantly rebeled. I stuck with smoother stuff instead, but once around every five years I gave running another shot. Never...

Alan A Women on the Run Tribe

Communicatorsilver Alan A replied to the topic Runners with Jogging Strollers

We purchased the very first rendition of the Racing Stroller Inc. "Baby Jogger" way back in the 80's. Neither of us were running back then, but we pushed our first born in it while we wore the also brand new at the time Roller Blade Lightnings. Fu...

Ris S Women on the Run Tribe

I had some problems with mine to start with.   I was wearing it just below the strap of my sports bra and I was getting cut with it, despite that it doesn't have sharp edges.

Then i started wearing it lower down, about 2.5cm lower than my sports...

Kevin G Women on the Run Tribe

Thank you to everyone who has responded and provided some excellent ideas and advice which I have passed on to my wife who would like to say a big thank you to you also. One other idea that seemed to go down well ...

Kimberly K Women on the Run Tribe

As weird as this is, cool hydration is key for me.. In the past ( I live in the county) I have taken semi frozen bottles of water and placed them (hidden) at a mile mark for a 4 mile run. At each mile mark I grab up...

Addz S Women on the Run Tribe

I have...

1. short distance road running pair (saucony fastwitch 6) - i use these for road distances up to 10k ish

2. trail pair (suacony kinvara tr2) - i use these for any trail distance from 5k to 20 miles - love them

3. muddy ocr/soggy terra...

Kevin G Women on the Run Tribe

Probably not in the best position to directly answer this qurstion Kylee, but I have just ditched using my Polar HRM with my Nike+ GPS sportswatch because it was producing ridupiculous readings even after changing the battery, I had even managed t...

Britani R Women on the Run Tribe

I wear a light weight tanktop with a bra built in, light weight shorts, hair pulled back and up and carry a water bottle. I know some ladies that wear one of those mini misting fans around their neck when they run.

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created the tribe

26th March 2014


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