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World's best surfing

A place to show off, share tips, equipment, videos and catch the big breaks.... Surfing is more than just a sport it's a lifestyle, it's an art and it's a spiritual journey.

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Mark G World's best surfing  Tribe

The basic principle is the bigger the fins the less the mobility. Y also need to conside where you position the centre fin and the type of centre fin you have. I would position the centre fin forward and have two sma...

Mark G World's best surfing  Tribe

Communicatorgold Mark G replied to the topic Board Preferences

I have been surfing for almost forty years and the main thing to focus on is the volume of the Board versus your expereince and weight. You should have a look at the firewire surfboard site ( as they have a volume calcul...

Aziz . World's best surfing  Tribe

Contributorgold Aziz . Have any one tried the surfing in Bali !!

Shona W encouraged this.


I have been surfing in Indonesia a lot. I find bali crowded now days and go up to Sumatra - a place clued the Bunyaks - great waves and uncrowded.

Aziz . encouraged this.


@mark I do agree , however you still can find some good beaches for surfing with no crowd like batu bolong . since you go to sumatra more often now try to cross the sea to Belitung island. its worth a visit :)

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