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Yoga at Home

Trying to start doing Yoga more often and I would love it if a community of people helped me out! I don't know much about yoga except for what I find on the internet (not reliable) so this is a forum for all of us share our knowledge and improve our mind, body, and soul. Namaste!

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Meghan L Yoga at Home Tribe

She's right, yoga isn't known for being an aerobic workout.  Stretching, flexibility, balance, strength-building  & stress reduction are yoga's principal benefits.  Of course, those are excellent benefits.

  My aerobic exercise comes in the...

Dave W Yoga at Home Tribe

Communicatorgold Dave W replied to the topic Do you stretch when you wake?

This is one of my new years resolutions. I started this 'good practice' last year for a while, but just stopped (can't remember why). It really helps (especially the day after a heavy workout!) and I'm looking forward to the results of doing this...

Jason W Yoga at Home Tribe

I dabbled with yoga years ago and loved the way I felt afterwards. I hit a hard patch, thought I "didn't have time for it/got too lazy" and struggled with depression for a couple years. I recently decided to improve my health, joined Tribesports f...

Susan S Yoga at Home Tribe

Hi Bobbi...the "right type" of Yoga comes from within, learn the poses (asana) and find your way of performing them, I practice the same sequence pretty much all the time but there are days when I hold the poses for ages and other days when I...

Heather R Yoga at Home Tribe

Contributorgold Heather R I jhave been trying to find yoga poses I can do without my computer. I want to get to the point I dont need anything but me n my mat, maybe some music. I do meditate but for me its just prayingI found out recently I like Nameste yoga. Im wondering what other poses I know how to do...what they are classified as? Journey is growing!

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28th February 2013



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