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Zuzana Light Workouts

This is the tribe for people who like doing Zuzana Light's workouts! Share your favourite exercises, tips, or create challenges from her (or inspired by) workouts;-)

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Lindy E Zuzana Light Workouts Tribe

Lindy E created the topic Recipes

Has anyone tried Zuzana's recipes? Find any really good ones? I'm trying to eat healthier (but still make things my family will eat). I tried my first Zuzka recipe (the baked avacado and egg) the other day. If you like cooked avacado  you would pr...

Meryl M Zuzana Light Workouts Tribe

Contributorbronze Meryl M Anybody want to try the new ZCUT workouts? I just discovered Zuzana so I haven't done many yet but I am going to follow her workout calendar to challenge myself. Check out the ZCUT challenge I created if you want!

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Silje H Zuzana Light Workouts Tribe

Silje H created the guide A little tip

She sometimes use a timer in her workout videos, and I recently bought one from which I'm completely in love with! However, if you don't have a timer available - don't fret! Just set a specific number of repetitions for each move/excer...

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Tribe creator

Silje H

created the tribe

9th September 2012



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