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Trail Running

Tribe • 2695 members

Like running? Don't like roads? Like to pretend you're James Bond running through muddy trails and obstacle-strewn forests? Join us! It is your destiny!

Motivational Quotes

Tribe • 2673 members

There are tons of witty and realist quotes out there to motivate and inspire people to start working out, keep working out, or work even harder. Here's a place to share your favorites with others!

Swim Drills & Workouts

Tribe • 2607 members

If you want to swim in a more efficient way, more relaxed, faster, gliding as a dolphin in the water, then swimming only the distance in the pool is not enough. Introducing drills, dryland swim exercises will enhance and fine tweak your technique, make y...

Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges

Tribe • 2593 members

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination." (Tommy Lasorda) Ive come across so so many brilliant, inspiring sports Challenges that people are taking on recently. Whether you have seen a Challenge happening, heard...

Bike Maintenance

Tribe • 2431 members

A place to share bike repair instructions, tips, and recommended tools. As a beginner, learn the basics to maintain your bike so it runs like new all the time. As an experienced tinkerer, celebrate your latest wheel build or bottom bracket replacement. Neve...

Beginner Yoga

Tribe • 2389 members

Are you new to Yoga? Do you have advice for those that are new to Yoga? Join other yoga novices and let's expand our minds and improve our bodies together.

Super Foods

Tribe • 2217 members

Have you tried superfoods? Do they actually work? A tribe for you to let others know.

Motivation for weight loss

Tribe • 2209 members

If you have a few pounds to take off or more than a few pounds and you want to get motivation from other healthy minded people this is the tribe for you. Feel free to post questions or success stories.

A healthier life style

Tribe • 2173 members

Looking for a way to Live larger than life? This is the place where we reveal it all: Nutritional concepts, Nutritional habits you should adopt, what to eat and when, low intensity & high intensity training programs. This is your one stop shop for a bet...

Free weights users

Tribe • 2112 members

A tribe for anybody who uses free weights to train, and to share advice/workout routines. Any free weights are in, dumbbells, medicine balls etc


Tribe • 2049 members

For people who practice and love pilates, the core strengthening exercise program created by Joseph Pilates.

Weekend Walkers

Tribe • 2028 members

After a stressful week at work there nothing better than going on an adventure into the back and beyond! Whether you favor rural, mountainous or moorland areas, this tribe is for you! Walking is not only great exercise but it is very rewarding at the same t...

Fast, simple and healthy meals

Tribe • 1986 members

A place to share recipes for meals which take no more than 5-10 mins to prep and under 20 mins to cook. They must be simple,ie: use ingredients you would find in the fridge/larder and of course healthy and nutritious. Enjoy!

Ballet stretches for lean and mean muscles

Tribe • 1975 members

Wanna strengthen and tighten those muscles but remain lean and supple? Ballet stretches and strengthening exercises are made just for that purpose! Not only will you feel good after, but you will also look good during the exercises. Ballet is about strength...

Say No To Bad FAT!

Tribe • 1956 members

Study suggest role of bad fat (that forms LDL in body) with carovascular disease. I urge tribe members to reduce the quantity of bad fats in the form of deep fried food stuffs (Like finger chips). When oil is heated to high temperature there is partial con...

Cycle to work

Tribe • 1922 members

Cycling to work is a good way of getting exercise without taking time out of your day. In fact a lot of people can save time cycling to work.

Getting Back In shapers

Tribe • 1923 members

Getting back into shape? Having a rough time? Join me as I work to get back into shape after a string of bad luck. Let's work together and do this!!

Sports Psychology

Tribe • 1893 members

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is all in your head. Use this tribe to give tips for focuses and developing techniques to improve performance in your head

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