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The Artist Club

Tribe • 76 members

Join this club if you appreciate art, create art, or if art is your life. Share art that you have created with others and showcase art that you love! Discuss all things art with your fellow TribeSports members. Share your amazing talents. Everyone is Welcom...

A need for speed skaters

Tribe • 13 members

There's something just so right about skating , it might be a need for speed or bouncing off the railings or just trying to fly , ice is nice but rollers go any where , but hey let's face it we are all brothers and sisters when it comes to skating , it's...


Tribe • 13 members

yo to my all brothers and beauties of world .I am also like u a basketball lover . I read millions of articles ,seen thousands of videos over increasing vertical jump. I have done many exersizes as well as some but littly weight lifting to increase my jum...

Beachbody USA & Canada

Tribe • 29 members

Do you live in the USA or Canada? Have you ever or are you currently using Beachbody workout DVD's and nutritional products? Do you enjoy helping others get fit and healthy? Would you like to get paid doing all of the above? In the past the Beachbody Co...

Kit Monsters

Tribe • 65 members

There's a lot of experience and wisdom on this site but I just couldn't easily find it all. So this should hopefully be a one stop shop for kit, equipment and clothing reviews. Let's share the knowledge!

Visualize it to Achieve it!

Tribe • 111 members

This tribe is for those of us who understand the power of the mind. Visualizing our fitness goals helps to give us the power to achieve those goals. I created this tribe so we have a place to come to be reminded of the power of our minds and share our exp...


Tribe • 30 members

Want to give something back .... I thought I would create a tribe for people who enjoy volunteering or would like to get in to volunteering and putting something back in to their communities. Do you already volunteer and want to share your experiences, why...


Tribe • 252 members

If you are looking for a complete body workout, with next to no extra costs save for one piece of equipment, then join me here at Kettle-belles. This is primarily for girls who want to workout with kettlebells but if this is successful and enough people ar...

DANCE FOR JESUS!!!:-D (or your preferred sport)

Tribe • 55 members

If you can't see the verse, it says, "You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy." ~Psalm 30:11. This tribe is for anybody at all! If you love using dance or whatever sport you prefer to worship the Lord and do al...

Tell Your Husband/Wife They're Fat!! (not really)

Tribe • 24 members

Are you concerned for your husband's or wife's health? Have they let you board the fitness train alone? Can't get them to put down the junk food and get off the couch or out of the office? (hint: Don't tell them they're fat!) This tribe is for all the husba...

Our Tribe for Personal Accountability

Tribe • 38 members

The purpose of this tribe is to help people get connected with virtual accountability partners for our fitness & health goals. SO, join in, and see who's in the group that you might be able to connect with and help keep accountable, as well as being held a...

Hills are your friend

Tribe • 115 members

Hills are you friend.... I'm creating this tribe to share your experience and discuss the importance of hill training in your running. I would like to request all takers to introduce yourself, encourage and help each other motivating them adding some hill...

Running on Empty

Tribe • 419 members

Love the discomfort of long distance running? Then here is one more place you can share your running experience.

Small Animals

Tribe • 23 members

This tribe is for those who have small animals. Here we can post the cutest pictures of them and share tips on how to care for them.

NaNoWriMo'ers Unite--with activity!

Tribe • 6 members

For writers who see the need to keep active during NaNoWriMo! Commit to stay up and moving in the midst of the madness of 50,000 words in a month!

Free weights users

Tribe • 2045 members

A tribe for anybody who uses free weights to train, and to share advice/workout routines. Any free weights are in, dumbbells, medicine balls etc

Italy Runners

Tribe • 19 members

Just a place to meet your country buddies ;) And everyone who loves Italy is welcome too!

Central Florida Activities

Tribe • 7 members

I am looking for Central Floridians who want to try new activities and meet new people. I have a crazy work/school schedule and it can be very difficult to get out and try new things. I would like to change that, with the help of some local Tribesports memb...

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