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Sport Motivations

Tribe • 5886 members

Everyone has there lazy days. Those days you can't be bothered to get of your ass and do something, for all the excuses you make, and for all the faffing you do to prevent it! This tribe is for people to post Inspiring sayings and stories to get the readers...

Motivational Quotes

Tribe • 2669 members

There are tons of witty and realist quotes out there to motivate and inspire people to start working out, keep working out, or work even harder. Here's a place to share your favorites with others!

Inspiring people and inspiring Challenges

Tribe • 2592 members

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's determination." (Tommy Lasorda) Ive come across so so many brilliant, inspiring sports Challenges that people are taking on recently. Whether you have seen a Challenge happening, heard...

Motivation for weight loss

Tribe • 2205 members

If you have a few pounds to take off or more than a few pounds and you want to get motivation from other healthy minded people this is the tribe for you. Feel free to post questions or success stories.

Sports Psychology

Tribe • 1890 members

Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is all in your head. Use this tribe to give tips for focuses and developing techniques to improve performance in your head


Tribe • 1622 members

A tribe for Facebook Users


Tribe • 1405 members

Let's make it our challenge to look for everything we can that makes us happy, and then we can discuss it all.

The Book Club

Tribe • 860 members

Exercise the mental muscles as well as the physical ones. Fiction or non fiction - a tribe for the book lovers. Share reviews, and spread the word for favourite authors - pull up a chair and make yourselves at home.

Never, Never Give Up!

Tribe • 787 members

You know how it feels to be tired, discouraged, and like you are just not going to make it. Whether it's walking a mile or running a marathon, there are times when you know you are crazy for even thinking you can do it, but you are not! You CAN! And you DO...

No Excuses

Tribe • 638 members

Want to join the "Get Healthy" trend?... begin with nutrition and clean eating... from there we'll move forward in developing our strength... set some goals.... 5K, 10K, small mud runs/obtacle course, 20mile bike trips.... and move on to 1/2 marathon, MS150...

Laughter is Good For Your Abs

Tribe • 604 members

Laughter can be a great mental release from the stresses of everyday life. It can also (if you are laughing violently enough) be a great workout! Share your hilarious jokes, videos, and stories right here!


Tribe • 517 members

You tube has some great sports contents, lets share what we find and discuss.

Mindfulness Meditation

Tribe • 478 members

From the Book - Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn Think of yourself as a mountain. Try setting aside a time everyday for just being. Start with 5 minutes. Sit down and watch the moments unfold, with no agenda other than to be fully pre...

Inspiring photos through sports

Tribe • 478 members

Ever see an amazing sunset on your cycle home, a beautiful landscape on a morning forest run, or capture a brilliant sports action shot? Here's a Tribe for us to share our best photos, vote on them and add comments. Don't forget to explain what your pic is...

The Tribesports Pledge

Tribe • 448 members

On my honour, I pledge to be guided by the ideals of the TS pledge, to measure my achievements by my own high standards, to encourage other people, and to commit to keeping myself physically fit. A member of the TS community is - trustworthy, helpful, ...

Good Sporting Books

Tribe • 432 members

If you like sports and you appreciate a good book, this is the tribe for you. Recommend the sporting books you've read and read what other people have said about them. There is true inspiration, admiration and compassion in many sporting books, this is the...

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