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Weekend Walkers

Tribe • 2029 members

After a stressful week at work there nothing better than going on an adventure into the back and beyond! Whether you favor rural, mountainous or moorland areas, this tribe is for you! Walking is not only great exercise but it is very rewarding at the same t...

Dog Walkers

Tribe • 1393 members

It's a great way to make sure you get out each day - dog walking often gets forgotten as a form of exercise, but a good brisk walk with your dog is a great way of keeping in shape and fitting in exercise during a busy day. Come rain or shine!

Hill walking

Tribe • 418 members

This tribe is for lovers of hill walking. I live around an hour away from Loch Lomond and have started visiting the munros in the area to attempt to reach their summit. I don't think hill walking is given the credit it deserves, it's a very rewarding expe...

Morning walk

Tribe • 372 members

Go for a early morning walk before 7 o'clock for at least an hour

Exploration - your experiences and photos

Tribe • 234 members

I never considered myself as a "walker" I don't own any hiking equipment, but I love nature and exploring new places, so here is a place to share our favourite photos of places we have discovered and would like to share.


Tribe • 213 members

A tribe for (a) everyone who is aged fortysomething and (b) anyone who likes the TV show fortysomething. There's lots of good things about being 40 - you've lived enough to try lots of things, you tend to know what you like and what you want to achieve in l...


Tribe • 191 members

Anyone ever climbed this hill, about to attempt it or just dreaming of doing it one day.

Walk a Journey With Me

Tribe • 166 members

Welcome to Walk a Journey with Me.. I am setting out on a new journey to a better me. If you stumbled upon my tribe I welcome you to come join me on a journey. Lets talk, share, give advice to find our own path of well being. :D

Families outdoors

Tribe • 122 members

We all need to move out of our living rooms, away from all the electronics and back into the great outdoors!! Do you enjoy getting outdoors with your family? Walking, camping, biking, fishing, ect. We need to "rediscover" the outdoors, and rediscover a posi...

Barefoot Living

Tribe • 80 members

Yes, you can live without shoes. This is the tribe for those who go everywhere and do everything without shoes.

Pregnant or just had a baby!

Tribe • 22 members

Expecting? Just had a baby? About to have a baby?? Join this tribe and share with other moms and mom to be's. Support each other, advice, exercise, tips on getting energy and ways to motivate each other

Aussie nature walkers

Tribe • 19 members

Everywhere i walk there is something amazing to find along the way. Dolphins at sunset, possums, kangaroos and so much more. Get away from the city, leave your Ipod at home and just walk and enjoy nature. The sounds, smells and amazing scenery in this big b...

welsh walkers

Tribe • 17 members

for those who like walking in wales , or welsh people who like walking


Tribe • 13 members

THE 1st BIKOLANO OUTDOOR-RECREATION PORTAL The Worcshop serves as a vital and integral part of an individual in the community. The mission of the Worcshop is to provide "information's" to all outdoor enthusiasts and serv...

Spring Into Action

Tribe • 12 members

This Walk, Run or Cycle for the Canadian Diabetes Association is a fun, family event based on exercise and awareness. Diabetes is a global pandemic and the fastest growing chronic disease in North America. Diabetes is a very serious illness which affects 1...


Tribe • 11 members

You know this. Share your Chive in ANY category, Let us know where your from! KCCO!!

Walk 21km (13 miles) in under 210 minutes (1/2 marathon)

Tribe • 10 members

Walking is a great form of exercise for all ages. Walking quickly with a time in mind ensures you get the most out of your exercise. To achieve 21 km (13 miles) in under 210 minutes requires maintaining a healthy pace.

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