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Strength Training

Tribe • 11421 members

No matter what your sport is what fitness goal you are training for, strength training should be a part of your program. Strength training is not just for powerlifters and bodybuilders or general gym goers wanting to gain weight. Strength training is import...


Tribe • 6726 members

Enjoy combining weight training, powerlifting, kettlebells and plyometrics in a high intense workout? Look forward to pushing yourself to your limits and developing yourself in terms of strength and conditioning? Or just enjoy putting something new and exci...

Bodyweight Only

Tribe • 5795 members

A tribe for the people who love body weight exercises and use them to attain their prime fitness.


Tribe • 4437 members

Shut Up and Squat! The Ultimate exercise for any level and any sport. Tell me a sport where it doesn't help!? If you love to squat and feel that burn then you're at the right tribe. Join in for tips on the best training programmes, techniques and share your...

Pull-ups and Dips

Tribe • 2751 members

A tribe for all things pull-ups and dips. Post your techniques/achievements/kit.

Free weights users

Tribe • 2103 members

A tribe for anybody who uses free weights to train, and to share advice/workout routines. Any free weights are in, dumbbells, medicine balls etc

Get good guns

Tribe • 1661 members

Good arm muscles are the easiest way to identify someone who does weight training. This tribe is for people to swap tips on arm exercises to increase arm muscle bulk and tone. Share your bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises, and help your fellow tribe mem...

Pain is in the mind

Tribe • 1575 members

To talk about feats of endurance and endurance training in general, including recommended challenges.


Tribe • 1079 members

Lets face it, legs are not where many bodybuilders begin when they start training...big mistake! Legs can quickly lag behind and have trouble catching up as chest, arms and delts muscles that have been over- developed begin to sap up most of the nutrients!...


Tribe • 980 members

We want to encourage more people to undertake safe, progressive strength and weight training as part of a Strong for Life approach to fitness. We offer virtual training buddies and lots of advice, guides and encouragement. We welcome absolute beginners wh...


Tribe • 771 members

All of us who are maniacs for abs workout! :)

Starting Strength

Tribe • 700 members

A barbell strength training program for novices written by Mark Rippetoe. Highly recommended for those interested in strength or looking to get strong. The book outlines a tried and tested approach to barbell strength training that has proven highly effecti...

Zombie Preparedness

Tribe • 534 members

This is EVERYTHING Zombie.We will discuss, answer questions and take recommendations concerning the Zombie Preparedness Challnges. We will also discuss and recommend books, movies etc to prepare for the ever impending Zombie Apocalypse. Have fun and enjoy!!


Tribe • 378 members

Weight training, cardio, boxing, running and new challenges to over achieve our set results. Booyah!!!

Gym Rats

Tribe • 325 members

Is the gym your second home? Are you new to weight lifting? Are you uncomfortable being the new person in the free weights section? I've been there, done that, and currently am a Gym Rat. I invite other Gym Rats and aspiring Gym Rats to join the journey to...

Pull-Up bar and Parallel bars is all you need!

Tribe • 292 members

There is not a muscle in the body that escapes unworked using these two bit's of equipment. What do you do on these bits of equipment? What movement's? What routines? Please share what has worked for you and learn some new techniques to attain that strength...

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