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Angus E @anguselsby

16 years old, I've been doing training for squash for what seems like a long time now - this means that I can play a bit of rugby and football too but my main aim now is too enter the world of athletics multi events and follow in the footsteps of Daley Thompson and Jess Ennis, INSPIRE a generation!

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10 Push ups a day for 7 days Challenge The ULTIMATE shuttle. Challenge 100 m sprint in less than 15 seconds Challenge
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Angus E

Angus E Done a full weeks tough training in sunny france, gutted to miss most of the olympics but you gotta do what you gotta do.

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Angus E The ULTIMATE shuttle. Challenge

Angus E created the The ULTIMATE shuttle. Challenge

This improves speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance and leg strength in one brutal exercise. You have 4 lines. the 2nd is 2.5m away from the 1st. The 3rd is 4.5m away from the first. The final line is 10m away from the first. You must run fr...

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Angus E Athletics Tribe

My PB's (that i know of) are low and I would like to know what kind of scope there is for improvement in a window of 2 years or so. Right now, my 100m is 11.6, my long jump is a measly 5.8m, my high jump is 1.75m and...

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