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No sugar in your tea or coffee for a week. Challenge Run 2km in 10 minutes Challenge Start Your Day Right--Fuel Up in the Morning. Challenge
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Sonu K Anil K

Contributorgold Sonu K hello Anil...just now read ur bio...u like eating and I do!...but, i don't agree with ur statement tht u have a bad shape..ur profile pic doesn't show that...good luck for ur running endeavours!
P.S.: nice profile pic in CCD!

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Thanks for Follow Sonu, By bad shape I meant I wasnt fit inside, but aftr month of running I feel better P.S. I miss drinks of CCD :-P


stop eating chicken Anil...reduce the amount of alcohol ....

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Ok, Dude I will work on it

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Anil K Hideki T

Contributorbronze Anil K Thanks for Follow, I wanna learn skating too :-D


Thank you for the follow. Try skiiing at one of the great mountains in Japan someday! Good luck on your 10K. I will run British 10K tomorrow morning!

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