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Becky M @bexysitch

Chilled out runner in need of motivation! I'm looking to tone up and get lean, adding resistance training to my weekly workouts and upping the mileage, now all I need is a challenge :).....I REALLY got challenged, my first half marathon was in 37mph winds, lashing rain and with some hills to boot, now I'm hooked and plotting to smash my time in Wales in September, roll on the interval sprints!

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Julie M Becky M

Contributorsilver Julie M +Becky, I read your response to the detox question. You have a lot of good information.

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Becky M Half marathon Tribe

Contributorbronze Becky M First half completed! Despite the awful weather and gale force winds :) Can't wait to try something flatter and in better conditions, I'm aiming to get below 2 hours on the next one :)

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